Tuesday, September 11, 2012

"Long Island Ice Tea" - Tech Demo

We proudly present our first tech demo. We are planning to deploy a tech demo each time we implemented some interesting feature.

After some experimentation we decided to ignore the heightmap based Unity terrains. Instead we combine a formable organic environment with sharp blocks. The intention is to accentuate the difference between natural grown landmarks and man made structures.

This demo shows the basic mechanics of terraforming and block placing. It contains 5 types of materials for the terrain and block placing. The terrain is currently limited to a small area.

We created our demo section where you can see the planned demos and start playing the already released ones.

Known limitations:

  • You can fall through the terrain when you walk of the edges or dig too deep :-)
  • The normal calculation is not final. (Chunk edges visible)
  • Sound crackling issue: Some times the sounds is kind of distorted ... seems to be an unity issue and machine depending... under investigation