About the Game

In the year 2525 the discovery of the slyce theorem created a new kind of multidimensional flux-shifted string based donut shaped bla bla bla blub ... you get the point .... mathematics. This enabled humanity to make its first tiny steps into a vast and unknown place, called the SLYCEVERSE.

This started a golden age of science, exploration, technology and of course the possibility to visit places beyond human imagination. To be the first to set foot on undiscovered worlds.

YOU are one of those chosen few, the brave, the unrelenting pioneers of the first area. Exploring the slyceverse in their shiny newly build(1) spaceships equipped with the first generation DSE (batteries not included).

Knowing this you should not be surprised to find yourself the not so happy unwilling owner of a undiscovered planet with a broken spaceship behind you and a lot of exploring before you.
But hey, you're alive, breathing and not hungry yet.

Why am I not hungry, you ask?
You ATE the donut out of the running DSE, which has NOTHING to do with your current situation.

(1) rushly build, never seen by the QA department but really cool looking